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Guardiola is not the first time
von kolklock In der Kategorie Allgemein am 25.12.2017 um 11:38 Uhr.

Guardiola is not the first time to express his political stand so radical. As a banner figure in support of the independence of Catalonia, as early as 2012, Gua Shuai once recorded a video calling on the Catalan people to hold a referendum. In June 2015, Guardiola, who had coached Bayern Munich at the time, took part in a demonstration in support of the Catalonian Referendum in Berlin, Germany. At that moment, Guardiola wore a print bearing the words "Request for a Referendum on Catalonia" and also delivered a passionate speech.

Chamberlain is a very versatile player who can play the lumbar, winger and other positions, this summer, he joined Liverpool from Arsenal, and this weekend, the England star will have to face the old man. Commenting on Chamberlain's situation at Arsenal, Arsenal legend Paul Mosson said: "At Arsenal, when you played with these two players (Sanchez and Ozil), they were all World-class player When the players get the ball, the natural reaction is to get the ball to find the two players, so that they may get the ball 40 times more than Chamberlain.

Straightforward Mika Zibanejad Jersey, playing with them, Chamberlain is difficult to play a good game, I have been concerned about his career, from Southampton to Arsenal, I still do not know where his position, I do not I know that you need to put him in the middle, at the third place in midfield Mike Richter Jersey, then tell him, 'where are you playing?' And then he played 10 games in that position , But the problem is that he has sometimes been put aside, in fact, what he needs is a stable position Sergei Nemchinov Jersey.

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